Bỏ túi top 30 quán ăn ngon hà nội bạn nhất định phải thử một lần

Regarding dining in Hanoi, its renowned street food of the đô thị is your welcome, but you will also see the more refined, modern side soon – the restaurants which are also easily accessible, clean, & of course deliver tasty foods.

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It does not matter what you are looking for – ambiance and flavor, style or world-recognized chefs, Vietnam, in general, & Hanoi, in particular, has a lot to lớn offer. In Hanoi, Phan Boi Chau Street is home khổng lồ a number of famous restaurants.

The T-junction on Phan Boi Chau Street is the crossroads between Nam Ngu & Phan Boi Chau Street, which are famous for common dishes like Nam Ngu Chicken Pho và Kiem Pho. There also resides a highly-recommended restaurant named “Quan An Ngon”, which is aý muốn the most popular restaurants in Hanoi.

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Bánh Bèo (Bloating Fern-shaped cake)

On top of that, there is a wide range of à la carte dishes, which are matched with a world-class cocktail và wine menu.

There is a wide range of dishes for you lớn choose from. In case that you have no ideas about what lớn eat, simply ask the enthusiastic waiters around khổng lồ suggest the options. This is really an easy place lớn start exploring the colors và variety of Vietnamese rural meals.

3. Refined Service

The service here is refined as the setting. It is exciting lớn dine at Quan An Ngon Restaurant, which is, by all measures, one of the finest Hanoi restaurants. This restaurant is really a solid pichồng throughout the day.

4. Cooking Class

A plus point for Quan An Ngon restaurant is that professional chefs here are glad to teach gourmets how to cook authentic Vietnamese food, thereby helping exp& their Vietnamese culture experience. These classes are suitable for both beginners & experts, và for sure, after learning these classes, you will find that cooking is not hard at all, but fun.

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Three factors “Human, the spirit of the l& and working spirit” set well together and create Quan An Ngon, which is like a charm in the heart of Hanoians & tourists.

Whether it is your first visit to lớn Hanoi, or if you are a regular visitor, the restaurant will make sure that by the time you leave sầu Vietnam’s borders, you will be ready to lớn plan for your return. So vày not hesitate to add Quan An Ngon restaurant lớn your checkcác mục. You will not regret it at all for sure!

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