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Giáo án Tiếng Anh lớp 8: Unit 10 Recycling Lesson 1 : Getting started Listen và read pps 10,330 23

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PowerPoint giáo án năng lượng điện tử giờ anh 8 sách chấp thuận, Unit 10: Communication. Lesson 1: Getting StartedI.

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Warm upWays of Communication + Verbal Communication+ Non Verbal Communication+ Written: letters, book, newspapers, magazines,..+ Drawing, picture,..II. New lesson1. Listen and read Trung Chinch Secondary School WELCOME TO OUR CLASS TODAY Trainee: Nguyen Thi Trang Non-verbal Communication Written Communication +body language +e-mails, letters, books, newspapers,… + gestures, eye-contact,… + text message, Ways of communication Verbal Communication +meeting face-to-face + television, phone, radio or other media,… Drawing, using equipment, using social media… Unit 10: COMMUNICATION Period 80: Lesson 1: Getting started My battery was flat What is a possible Phuc connection between picture 1, & 3? Niông xã My battery was flat Phuc: Hi Nick What happened today? We were Nick: I couldn’t Hotline you either My battery was flat waiting for ages & you never showed up! Phuc: Never mind We can try again How about this Nick: Hi Phuc Well I wanted to lớn ask you the same Sunday afternoon at 2.30 p.m.? There’s Superman question Nick: Great , but I’ll be having my Vietnamese class Phuc: Why? We planned khổng lồ meet outside the cinema, then Let’s go for the 4.15 p.m show I’ll need to take didn’t we? We waited & then Mai decided to lớn go in the bus khổng lồ Nguyen Du Street và it’s quite far without you She didn’t want lớn miss the start Phuc: But it’s not Galaxy Nguyen Du! We’ll be seeing it of Frozen you know Did you oversleep or something? at Galaxy Nguyen Trai Wait Which cinema did you Nick: No, I was there on time, và it was me who go to today? waited for you two Nick: Oh no, I went khổng lồ Galaxy Nguyen Du I wish my Phuc: Are you kidding? We didn’t see you there We di động phone had a better battery! tried lớn điện thoại tư vấn you but couldn’t get through *Vocabulary: battery: ác quy, pin Flat(a): nông, hết(pin) Ages(n): thời hạn lâu năm Oversleep(v): ngủ quên get through: liên hệ đoạn phim conference: hội thảo chiến lược, họp hành qua mạng tất cả hình ảnh telepathy: (n) thần giao cách cảm 1a Find words or phrases in the conversation that mean: 1. khổng lồ wait for a very long time wait for ages 2. to arrive sầu show up 3. to succeed in talking to lớn someone on the phone get through 4. “My battery had no electrical power left.” 5. “Are you making a joke?” 6. “Let’s that again.” ‘My battery was flat.’ ‘Are you kidding?’ ‘We can try again.’ b Decide if the statements are true (T) or false (F) T 1.Phuc, Mai and Niông chồng wanted lớn see a flm today at Galaxy cinema 2.Only Mai and Phuc watched the flm F   3.Niông xã was asleep at home page at that time  Niông chồng  was waitting outside the wrong cinema 4.Mai và Phuc could not reach Niông chồng on the phone  5.Niông chồng went lớn the wrong Galaxy cinema  6.Niông xã will not be able to go to lớn the cinema at 2.30 p.m this Sunday because he will be having a class  C • Why couldn’t Phuc, Mai, and Niông xã see the film together as was their plan?  Because Nichồng went to the wrong cinema • What problem?  They didn’t communicate clearly the name & address of the cinema beforehand • Was it only because of Nick’s di động phone?  They were not able to lớn tương tác each other because the battery of Nick’s Smartphone phone was flat a,using social truyền thông b,meeting face-to-face (F2F) c,having a đoạn phim conference d,sending letters (snail mail) e,emailing f,Clip chatting g,using telepathy Activity 3: Fill the gaps with the correct khung of the words/phrases from the box in Using social media _ including Facebook, YouTube, etc As a means of communication has become very popular aước ao young people Our group has worked online the whole time! Now let’s ! If you want to lớn write to lớn a friend in another country, is a faster và cheaper way meet face-to-face than _ is a way to lớn communicate instantly by thought emailing In the future, maybe voice calls will disappear We will use _ sending letters (snail mail)to lớn talk to lớn and see a frikết thúc at the sameUsing time telepathy We should this week Kate will be able lớn join us from Hong Kong, và perhaps Tyên from Englvà too đoạn phim chatting have sầu a video clip conference GAME In groups, brainstorm all the different ways you have sầu c o m m u n i c a t e d s o f a r t o d a y T h e g r o u p , w h i c h h a s m o r e ideas, is winner HOMEWORK: - Learn by heart all the new words Do exercise in workbook Prepare A Closer Look

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