An6884 led driver ic pinout, datasheet, specs & equivalents

Hello everybody! Today I"m going lớn show you how to make this little super simple 5-led vumeter!

I"m sure you won"t have any problem because all the materials needed are very comtháng và the circuit is super simple!

I"m just showing that I made it và I don"t want khổng lồ violate any law. If anytoàn thân has a problem with this instructable just say it.

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Let"s start!

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Step 1: Step 1: Materials Needed:

We will only need a few và very common materials lớn build up our vumeter.

The materials are the following:

1 - 100 ohm resistor.

1- 10K resistor.

1- 10K potentiometer.

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1- 2.2uf capacitor 16V (or more).

1- 10uf capacitor 16V (or more).

5- LEDs (For this I"ve used 3 green ones and 2 red ones). You can choose between 5 or 3 mm.

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1- Integrated circuit AN6884

- Some wire

- PCB ( you can use a perfboard or you can etch one by yourself, we are going to bởi this)

I"m sure you have these in your material box or you can buy them in your local store so I"m not going to write the pages where you can find them. Anyway, if you feel you need it, just say it in the comments & I will be very happy to lớn tìm kiếm the parts for you!

Apart from that we will need a drill và bits và a soldering iron

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Step 2: Step 2: Making the Printed Circuit


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5 years ago


Nice project! One trick however, is to add a diode in series on your input. Otherwise the AC audio will constantly charge & discharge the capacitor, resulting in dyên ổn, flickering LEDs. If the amplitude of your audio level is too low, you could add some input stage (a small 1-transistor class A preamp or maybe even an opamp) or try to lớn bias the diode using two resistors, since diodes have a forward voltage drop (ranging from 0.4 khổng lồ 0.7V, depending on the type). This can be quite a significant loss in amplitude when using a small audio signal.

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Reply 5 years ago


Thank you very much!!!

I appreciate your great feedback và your improvements. It is true that the leds vị flicker a little but the alặng of the project was to keep it simple, I mean, lớn use just a few parts & khổng lồ make the whole Instructable simple. Anyway you seem an expert of this!!

Could you draw an schematic or specify the parts for me? I don"t really know much about diodes và preamps but I would really lượt thích lớn start!

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